Ridge Gourd – A vegetable with multiple features

 Ridge Gourd is a green vegetable rich in lots of fibres. From a long time, it is used in making cosmetics as these fibres have skin enhancing properties. This bright green coloured vegetable with white pulp inside got its name from the ridges present on the outer side. This vegetable has different names in different states of India like in most of the states it is called Turai but in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is also called Beerakaya and got many names in other states as well.

Ridge Gourd

Ridge Gourd is also known for its ability to treat various diseases. It has also a significant role in making Ayurvedic medicines. It is believed that this vegetable maintains the balance in the stomach improving the digestive system. It has a cooling effect and mostly recommended to eat in summers. The vegetable contains several important nutrients like Vitamin C, zinc and also full of antioxidants. Most of the doctors will suggest you to include this vegetable in your diet. It can also be added to your diet by converting it into juice.

There are various recipes related to ridge gourd which are very popular. Some of the most common recipes of ridge gourd are:

     Jhinge Chingri Posto with rice: it is a famous Bengali dish which contains prawn. The dish is topped with potatoes. It is made highly spicy consisting panch phoran and poppy seeds. You can get the full recipe by searching online.

     Masor Tenga: A simple well-known dish of Assam which is regularly served for lunch and dinner. It is basically a fish curry mostly eaten with steamed rice with an addition of green chilli sauce. The Assamese word ‘tenga’ means sour. The dish mostly contains citrus products such as lemon and tomatoes which make a sour flavoured cuisine.

     Peerkangai Kootu: Peerkangai is also a name for this vegetable ridge gourd in Tamil Nadu. This dish is a mixture of moong dal with ridge gourd. It is best accompanied by a curry called rasam or sambhar in Tamil Nadu. It is also eaten with roti. This is certainly one of the many popular ridge gourd recipes in the region.

     Beerkaya Pachadi: this is the best dish which can be made from ridge gourd. One must definitely try this one in his/her life. It is the most delicious and mouth-watering dish of Andhra Pradesh. It can be either made with the upper skin of the vegetable or can be made with vegetable pulp whereas the cooking method remains same. This grinded chutney can be eaten along with the rice or as well as with dosa, making a perfect combination of Indian food.

     Turai ki sabzi: This is the most common dish in the Northern region of India. It is cooked with a lot of spices for flavour. It is very easy to make. You can find the turai Sabzi recipe online within a second.

You can have more tasty dishes with ridge gourd. You should eat this vegetable regularly as it not only a yummy vegetable to eat but also maintains your health well. Better digestion means better living of life. Get full recipes now, and try cooking new cuisines.

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