Why Ford's Electronic Drift Brake Is A 2024 Mustang Must-Have

Why Ford's Electronic Drift Brake Is A 2024 Mustang Must-Have

The new 2024 Ford Mustang is packed complete of little tweaks and additions that make it a turn-key overall performance vehicle proper off the dealership lot, however for one of the maximum wonderful you`ll need to dig into the alternatives list. Drifting has exploded in recognition in latest years and has come to be the go-to recreation for vehicle lovers who need to throw their vehicle round a song and ruin tires withinside the maximum hilariously amusing manner possible. It's no mystery why films like the ones from Hoonigan's Gymkhana collection are so popular. Ford became even a main sponsor of the collection, presenting guide for the "Hoonicorn" and "Hoonitruck" collection of Ford-powered glide monstrosities.

Manufacturers have taken observe too. Earlier this yr Toyota geared up an self sustaining Supra to stomp round a closed direction and slalom round cones, doing so without a human driving force required. Until now, though, there have not been any cause-constructed glide automobiles from a main automaker, some thing Ford hopes to extrade with the newest, enthusiast-targeted addition to the 7th technology Mustang: an digital glide brake.

Ready for the song (or a massive automobile parking space)

According to Ford, the brand new glide brake is geared closer to everybody with a fair passing hobby in drifting. It's one component to tug the handbrake and whip an vintage Mustang round an deserted retail automobile parking space whilst fending off regulation enforcement. It's some other component completely to have a brand-new vehicle — with a producer warranty — geared up from the manufacturing facility for the explicit cause of going sideways.

Ford boasts that the 2024 Mustang GT is a great glide vehicle. After all, it is rear-wheel power and has a massive loud V8 withinside the front. The new brake is all digital, that means there is no conventional mechanic connection to the braking mechanism, however Ford insists the lever seems and feels precisely similar to hand brakes from the past.

The destiny will inform whether or not or now no longer the brand new glide brake is a gimmick or a severe overall performance component. Either manner, it is tough to now no longer get enthusiastic about a vehicle wherein the producer itself actively encourages a touch Fast and Furious fashion amusing. The digital glide brake may be a part of the Performance Pack on each Mustang GT and Mustang EcoBoost, with pricing to be showed in the direction of the horse vehicle's arrival in summer time season 2023. 

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